When you’re not thinking good things about yourself or your life, it becomes a limiting belief. If you ever feel like you’re not worthy of the good stuff in life, something from your past is poking at you…perhaps an event or encounter that left you with guilt or shame. Or you might be hearing a voice from someone you grew up with. This voice is really good at telling you that you are ‘not enough’ or that life is just plain ‘hard.’ This creates an inherent belief that you are flawed. And you’re not flawed!

Here’s how to flip the flawed to perfect: (I learned this from someone else so I am not taking all the credit for this.)


1.) Focus on what you feel you lack. Let’s take money for example. (You can also do this with love) ⁣
2.) Sit quietly and breathe deep, full breaths. You are going to breathe into that feeling of not enough money.
3.) Now, take that breath and awareness and shift the attention to a place in you that has great appreciation for the money you do have. Or the love you do have.
4.) Stay with this for at least one full minute breathing into appreciation of all that you have. 
5.) Say this affirmation as you release the lack and bring awareness to the appreciation: I APPRECIATE ALL THAT I HAVE NOW AND ALL THAT I AM. I AM WORTHY TO RECEIVE ALL THE GOOD THAT THE UNIVERSE HAS FOR ME.
Your state is now changed. It’s ready for you to dial up the receiving frequency. Go take an action that supports this new frequency. It might be to get organized for your week, take a walk in nature, finish a project that’s been hanging over your head, love all over another human or a pet. 
Whatever action you take, be in great appreciation.
Much love,