Are you waiting to pursue your dreams?

Do you need a nudge from someone?

Well, here is your nudge. You might be waiting for the “perfect timing” and that is now. Waiting shows up in all kinds of forms.

Waiting to lose ten pounds.

Waiting until the kids go to college.

Stop waiting! Your dreams are ready NOW.

Building your website, writing your book or whatever you feel drawn too. Your life is happening now and not when the kids leave for college or you lose ten pounds. I can understand when we have too much on our plates but we have to carve out the time to make these things happen and stop procrastinating.

WHW2N had a book club and a few years ago we had a Zoom call with Julia Pimsleur who wrote Million Dollar Woman.

She told us that she would get up one hour earlier each day to write her book. She was a career woman with lots on her plate besides raising two kids. That’s how she got her book completed.

Julia did not wait for her kids to grow up but carved out time daily to devote to her book and that is how she got it done.

Waiting is a dream stealer! Your dreams are ready now.

I want to encourage you to start now, move forward and live your dream!

Find the time.

Yours Truly,