Were you thrown some curveballs in 2020? We can’t predict what will come our way and WOW – last year was a big curveball!

Who could have imagined that this pandemic was going to happen? So when things change in a way that we weren’t expecting, how do we take it in stride to achieve a positive outcome?

Mental Agility is the capacity to respond to events in a flexible way. If you are mentally agile, you can take change in stride and find the best course of action.

You don’t have to have all the answers but here are 5 tips to help you hit this curveball!

Accept the situation – This isn’t always easy, and it’s OK to process emotions around major shifts in order to get to that acceptance, but the important thing is to acknowledge that we need to move forward in a different way.

Stop and think – Take at least a few moments to breathe, take in what is going on around you, and ensure your response is appropriate to the situation and not just an automatic panic reaction.

Get creative – Brainstorm ideas, seek out differing opinions, and think about all the different courses of action you could take to solve the issue.

Have a growth mindset – Believing that you can always continue to learn and develop – even if you’re an expert in your field – helps you keep growing, stay ahead of the competition, and understand what you can do to up your game.

Focus on support – having someone to bounce ideas off of, debrief with, or simply who can lend a listening ear (whether that’s a colleague, friend or mentor), can help you work through a problem and decide how to respond to an event.

AND That is what Aim High & Why will help you do!

Amanda Walker, Aim HIgh & Why

Meet Amanda Walker who is one of our featured speakers for this event on Friday, February 19th.


Amanda Walker is a health and life coach who helps women push past misguided beliefs to feel amazing naked.

Amanda is the creator of the Feel Amazing Naked Program, the Feel Amazing Naked Business Accelerator, and Podcast.


Join us for Aim High & Why and learn from Amanda!