Here is a transformational story from my friend Trina on how Jack Canfield and essential oils has changed her life not only mentally but also financially. I know that I have had things hold me back in life until I did something about them. Is it time for you to make some changes?

“5 years ago, I was looking for some information on YouTube on how to earn more money, since my husband was out of work.  While taking notes, another video started and it was that guy from “The Secret”, you know the one- the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy?
Anyway, he was talking about how to get from where you are to where you want to be and I was hooked, I definitely did not want to be where I was. I downloaded some of his free stuff, which dramatically changed my life within a few days.
You see, I was a victim before doing This Success Principles work. My husband was the trouble-maker.  I worked, paid bills, cleaned, didn’t drink or use drugs.  He was the problem, not me.  However…I knew all this and married him anyway!
So that little revelation changed my life.  I chose to be there and I could either suck it up and quit complaining or move on. Either way, I could stop being so angry at my husband. Game-Changer!
I attended a one day event for $399 and got to meet Mr. Canfield and thank him.  Then I signed up for his online course for $3999 to learn to teach what i had learned.  Then I attended his Breakthrough to Success 5 day seminar and spent over $5000, which led to me working live, with Jack in 2017 with a cost over $17,000,
I launched my own accountability partner company in 2018 and easily tripled what I had spent in education over the next year.
I now have a wonderful relationship with Jack and he fully endorses my business. I even had dinner with him in 2019 and  snuck into his office to hide little post it notes around that said “that Trina sure is great” and “I should start a business with Trina” !
Well who knew, a few short months later, Covid would shut down both our businesses.
In April of 2020, Jack invited me to attend a Zoom call with Dr. Ben Perkus, talking about The Aroma Freedom Technique. Very woo-woo, not my cup of tea. I am business brained, not really into these “magic oils”.  But, I did trust Jack so I stayed on the call and applied some oils and OMG!
Within seconds my mind cleared, I had hope, I felt joy and excitement!  What happened?  Honestly, who cares, it works. That being said, Jack wanted to work with this company Young Living and build an organization.
Well, if Jack was going to do that, and people could be exposed to Jack’s Success Principles through this company, than I was all for it! His work literally changed my life! I immediately called everyone I know that loved Jack and introduced them to the concept.
In my mind, it has always been about how to get more people in front of Jack than it was to share oils.  Though, I did fall in love with many of them and use them regularly now.
So, that being said, here is the purpose of this email.   I have been working with Jack to COMBINE The Success Principles with Essential Oils and IT IS HAPPENING!
This is going to be EPIC!  30 Days to Success with Essential Oils.  When you combine the Principles with the Oils everything happens 100x faster!  Why? Your sense of smell is your strongest, most reliable sense.  Your body will react to a SMELL before you even realize what the smell is.  Don’t believe me?  Have you ever parked near a bakery and your mouth started watering before you knew there was a bakery nearby?
If you are still reading this, thank you!
I recorded a call and am sharing it with you below if you would like to watch my friend Natalie, Jack and I talk about how this came about and why we are so excited about it here!
And before you watch, I know you are going to ask how much it cost to participate and let me tell you, its NOT thousands of dollars! Nope!

All you need to participate is a a starter kit that comes with a diffuser and 4 extra oils!
I am NOT recruiting you to sell these oils. We just happened to love this Young Living brand.  You would be a customer.
I am INVITING you to spend time with Jack and CHANGE your life the way you want to!  Faster than ever before, I swear!  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this!
If, after watching the video, you have questions or would like to do this event with us, just email me back and I will call you and help you get what you need for registration or you can follow this link here and order the oils in the package* to get started.  

*The products are all listed in the “Success package” including the starter kit with diffuser, and the required 4 oils, Clarity, Transformation, Magnify Your Purpose and Joy.   Also, in the kit are 5 more additional oils if you are super serious about success.  You just need to click on the white box next to each item you would like to add to your cart.  

*You decide how much you want to spend to attend this event. You decide which oils you want, I just want you to have the main 4.  The starter kit comes with 12 oils and we will be using three of them for The Aroma Freedom Technique, which you wont want to miss!

With warmth and gratitude for your time,

Like Trina said, I am INVITING you to spend time with Jack and CHANGE your life the way he changed Trina’s and my own! 😊

If you’d like to attend Jacks’ personal training on April 28th, send me an email at and we’ll get you started!

Yours truly,
Amy Robinette

Watch the 30 Day Success Principles with Essential Oils