I have come across people who were studying degrees that offered rewarding, well paid careers (e.g. law, medicine, etc.), but who were deeply unhappy.

How could they be unhappy with such a great future? But it usually turned out that those individuals were choosing that path because “that’s what you do when you get good grades” or they were pressured by their parents.

They were doing it because it met someone else’s definition of success. Whose definition of success are you living? Someone else’s expectations?

Once YOU establish what your definition of success really is, it’s incredibly liberating. Everything just becomes easier.

When you’re at a career crossroad, it’s worth reviewing the definition you’re using to make sure that the ladder you put in front of yourself is the one that you really do want to climb.

Do you think that you made the right choice?  Remember that you can change your career or your life at any time.  It takes courage to do both.

Be courageous!  You can change canoes in the middle of the stream anytime in your life. Take the first step by branching out of your comfort zone to meet new, like-minded people who are already doing what you want to do and can help you along the way.


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Much love,
Amy Robinette