Mexico Mastermind May 2018 Testimonials

  • Amy thank you so much for putting together the Mexico Mastermind. You assembled an amazing group of Women Mentors and it could not have gone better. You combined the perfect amount of learning and growing our businesses with a little bit of fun as well. 

    I had at least 3 AHA's in Mexico for my business, came up with a plan of attack for growth and made some connections with not only the Mentors but with the other women that attended. So grateful to have been able to be on the first Mexico Mastermind. I cannot wait to go back next year in May!

    Vicki Wallace
    Vicki Wallace Complete Marketing Solutions, LLC
  • I attended the Mastermind because I felt I was at a standstill in my business and knew the power of a mastermind and the women involved could come up with new ideas for me to utilize. 

    The biggest takeaway was the rewording of my pitch/mission statement that was stronger and more powerful with words. I felt like the mastermind was well organized, planned and executed where we all received direction, input and support individually as well opportunities to discuss things as a group.  

    These women truly ROCK and deliver more than what you bargain for! They go deep and make you think about things you haven't; you get to the core of what might be holding you back and then they offer inventive ways to help counteract that. 

    I would absolutely recommend for any entrepreneur to attend a mastermind. If you're feeling stuck in business, if you want to increase revenues, figure out new marketing strategies or find what your core value is this is the place for you. Maybe you just need an extra push or want to learn about perfecting your business style, either way you will get more out of this weekend intensive then paying your life coach for a month! 

    Amber Odie Entrepreneur
  • "I felt overwhelmed with my business. I knew my business, but didn't have a proper strategic plan in place and didn't know how to best utilize my skills. I needed more clarity and help developing a plan I could actually execute. 

    My biggest take away was that I didn't have to do it all myself. With the help of the coaches at the Mexico Mastermind, I am now developing my dream team that will help me reach my goals, without feeling overwhelmed or like I have to take on this huge ordeal on my own! 

    I loved that it was a good combination of business and fun so I never felt burned out or checked out. I also loved that many of us in the mastermind had similar goals and issues so we learned from what the coaches had to say to others as well as what they told us individually. I also loved that it was timed so that everyone felt like they received a great amount of individualized focused, but it wasn't so much so that you were bored listening when it was someone else's turn. 

    What did I think about the abilities of Terra, Keli and Amy?

    Terra: Amazing!! So strategic, clear, easy to follow. Love how she can take all of the crazy thoughts in your head, simplify them and write them down in a way that makes perfect sense. She also made herself available after the mastermind and followed up with me to make sure I stayed on track. I love that and look forward to continuing to work with her!

    Keli: Genius! Keli knows what you need to say to call your audience to action, and she asks the right questions to make you really think about what you want to convey to your audience. I love that Keli is direct and I hope that doesn't change. She challenged us to get outside of our comfort zone, and that's when the magic happened!! 

    Amy: I love how you gave us all so much useful info on how to market ourselves and how to make the most of networking and face to face interactions. I love that you asked us difficult questions on what we were doing and what tools we were utilizing to accomplish our goals. You mentioned so many things I could be doing that I didn't even know I needed to do!! I also loved that you monitored the schedule so well, so that everyone received enough individualized attention and it never felt like too much time was being spent on any one person.  You kept us on track and were the most gracious host anyone could ask for!! Thank you!! 

    The Mexico Mastermind was an experience that far exceeded my expectations! Not only did I gain so much professional insight, but I developed a close bond with like-minded business women whom I admire and am honored to now call my friends. I would recommend this mastermind to any woman looking for clarity and the right tools to execute their goals." 

    Sara Brown
    Sara Brown Owner, Be Cool AC Services
  • Why did you attend the Mastermind? 
    To get clarity on my business working with Amy, Terra, and Keli (3 of my most favorite ladies in the whole world!)...and enjoy a relaxing, fun weekend away.

    What was your biggest takeaway? 
    Thanks to a private, breakout discussion with Keli, I realized I need to shift/narrow my coaching focus to women who want to learn to acknowledge the fears that are getting in the way of their success, embrace those fears, conquer them, and step up to the life they truly want and believe they were put on this earth to live.  Plus, I got to meet three fabulous, talented new friends in Sara, Vicki, and Amber!

    What did you think of the format and the implementation and of the Mastermind? 
    It was very encouraging and fun. We accomplished a lot in a short time, while still having plenty of time to play and relax. It was also flexible enough to provide opportunities for unplanned moments (like the one with Keli mentioned above) that led to breakthroughs and additional clarity.

    What did you think about the abilities of Terra, Keli and Amy? 
    One word...Awesome! I so admire, respect, and love each one of you!

    Would you recommend others to attend? 
    Definitely...yes!!! I intend to go again myself:-).

    Terry Suffredini
    Terry Suffredini
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