Hi there,

OK, it’s a new year and time for a new mindset and fresh start. Let’s celebrate all this newness. Many of us are still working from home during this pandemic. And chances are that if you are starting a new job it will be virtual.

We need to embrace this virtual platform for a while. It has been almost a year since this new way of business has started but I am here to tell you that we are still in it for a while to come. You may be Zoomed out but it is the way the world is working at this time. Start looking at it with a better attitude, especially if you are an entrepreneur. We need to be flexible and adjust to the world as it is now.

I run weekly networking meetings for women entrepreneurs and encourage them to succeed. I have not given up and I have heard from some “Zoomies” that they are worn out. Look at the upside of all of this and become more adaptable. You never know who you will meet or learn from these online connections. Great mentors can be found when you put yourself out there in Zoom meetings.

Let’s adapt in 2021 and embrace the opportunities for us to stay connected. You may meet a great business connection, a collaborative partner or a business bestie.