Hi there,

I’m so excited to share this newsletter with you. I always feel energetic and happy when the Lunar new year approaches. That means it’s time to re-energize your space and your life and set intentions for your life.

Here are the key words for this year!

Resilience, Loyalty, Order, Diligence, Determination

In numerology, 2021 adds up to a 5. 2+0+2+1=5
5 is all about dynamic energy, passion, change.
I love these words!

What do you want to work on this year?

What do you want to accomplish? Better health?

More harmony in your home or at work?

A Career or Relationship change?

Now is the time to set the stage for your intentions to come to fruition.

Join Aim High & Why and get clarity in your business and your life.

Meet Melissa Bedard who is one of our presenters
for this event on Friday, February 19th.

melissa bedardMelissa is Certified High Performance Coach™. She helps aspiring women find clarity and with courage, discover their unique “voice” and more belief in themselves by identifying and breaking-through roadblocks to achieve greater successes, both personally and professionally. Become extraordinary while learning to live a life of intention.

Join us for Aim High & Why and meet Melissa!