Women Helping Women 2 Network is a community for women who want to network professionally and personally.

We are a unique and refreshing community, and our goal is to support one another by connecting and interacting in a positive environment.


coffee-break-1177540_640WHW2N membership includes:

  • An active members-only online community.
  • Members-only resources
  • Public Facebook area with an active audience over 6,000 strong.
  • Private Facebook Group for members only where all of the members share and help each other by asking questions and sharing knowledge. 
  • Notifications about vendor opportunities at our quarterly Speed Networking Events.  
  • Weekly/monthly events and trainings.
  • Meet Up Groups
  • Projects and partnerships to help one another grow and prosper.
  • Information and opportunities for women to grow through friendships and business relationships.


The WHW2N community wants to bring out the best in you and surround you with like-minded business women who strive to be the best.


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(Effective January 1, 2018 the admin fee will be $199 and then $17/month for new membership.) 

Membership is non-refundable. We recommend using Google Chrome for registration.
$179 is a onetime administrative fee for as long as your monthly dues of $17 remain current.
Membership can not be paused then restarted without being subject to another administrative fee.