All my life since I was a little girl I have known that there is always an option, always a plan b.

I’m even writing a book about it called There’s Always a Plan B.  More about that later!

I think that this was instilled in me from childhood. My mother was a great one to find a way to make things work out for the best. She taught me to be resilient and find a way. I never really sat in the corner and cried about things. I just figured out a way on how I was going to make it happen.

Maybe because I was the youngest of five children. The older ones were way ahead of me in age so I spent a lot of time with my mother. If I wanted to go fishing and we didn’t have a fishing pole, she would make one from a garden stake with a bobbin. Worked great!

The takeaway here is there is always a way to make something happen if you want it bad enough. And I wanted to go to my aunt’s farm pretty badly!

My next example is a little more daring.

I wanted to go to visit my favorite aunt that lived on a farm about thirty minutes away. And it seemed that my Mom was a little preoccupied talking on the phone and wasn’t responding to my request that she take me there. So I proceeded to pack my little suitcase with my essentials.  There wasn’t much since I was barely four years old and I didn’t need much.

Mom was still talking on the phone and I thought that I could make it there by myself. So I walked out to the main street about two blocks from my house and I stood by the U.S. mail box. I knew that the postman would come to get the mail and I was going to ask him to take me to my aunt’s house. I knew the way and I would give him directions.

Thank goodness that this person who picked me up at the mailbox was a decent human being. He asked me where I lived and I directed him there. Back to my house. We walked up to the door and my mother was still on the phone. She didn’t even know that I was gone! But when she saw the man on the front holding my hand she was almost speechless. I remember her just thanking him and I think she was in shock that I had slipped away.

So pivot or plan b? I knew what they both were at an early age.

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Yours Truly,