Below is the Amy Robinette’s story of being left out, her “why” she wants everyone to feel included at each and every WHW2N meeting.


It was my ninth grade in high school. My mother had passed away two years earlier and I felt very awkward not having that motherly help or influence with doing girl things.

But I became part of a group of girls that were very popular. I was in! I was happy and I was having fun.

We all went away together to a summer camp that year for a week. We had so much fun together and were really bonding over food, boys and laying on the beach tanning. It was great!

The next year it was time to go again to the same camp with my same friends. I was meeting them in the cafeteria to discuss our game plan and all the details.

As I approached the table I could sense that something wasn’t right. There was a silence when I approached.

I was still cheery and sat down with my books and a big smile to hear about all my plans. Then it came. Like a ton of bricks had fallen on me.

The ring leader of this group told me that they had decided that I could not go to camp with them this year. There were not enough beds in the tent and I was culled out from going with them.

I just looked at all of them and could not speak. The only thing I felt I could do was get up and leave silently.

I was devastated.

That was my sophomore year in high school and I never spoke to those girls again. I would pass them in the hallway and we barely spoke as we went to our classes. I felt empty.

I found some new friends and we shared many great times throughout the rest of our high school years.

I still carry this with me and feel a compassion for others when I sense they are being left out.

I want them to always feel included.