Lately it seems like I need more ice cream.  I never used to keep it in my freezer but now I have an assortment.  I have dark chocolate vanilla bon bons and small vanilla cones dipped in chocolate.  They are just bite size treats and not big in size.  Perfect to pop in your mouth and be satisfied.

I usually only had this indulgence when I would be out shopping with my sister or girlfriend and we would stop to take a break.  It was a reward after navigating the mall for the perfect pair of shoes or top that I really didn’t need.  But it was on sale!  That justified the purchase.

I now find myself stopping in my kitchen, opening the freezer and partaking in one of these treats.  It’s a reward for something I just accomplished in my home office since I have been here for four months.  It’s a reward to not going crazy and staying focused.  I used to reward myself in other ways but this is my latest form of recognition.  I haven’t gained any weight so that’s a good thing.

We all need rewards.  They don’t have to be expensive or elaborate but just something to make us feel good.  I am not home schooling kids so I think that all of you mothers out there that do need a really big reward.  Maybe a hot fudge Sundae??  My point is that we need to take the time to pat ourselves on the back for the good things we do to keep sane.  You might want to order something online.  I do that too but most of that stuff I need.  I don’t need ice cream but it’s my reward.

BTW I am low on rewards so I am on my way to Trader Joe’s.  Might have the husband pick them up on his way home.

Go ahead and reward yourself.  You need it and you deserve it.