Well, I am sure that we are all being affected by the pandemic.

We are all feeling different things about what is going on around us. Sometimes I just don’t even want to turn on the news because I don’t want to hear it.

Everyone is coping in different ways.

I try to be upbeat and always take a daily break to walk to the mailbox. That is one of the highlights of my day.

Or I will go out in the backyard and look at the pool. Water is very calming but sometimes not so much in 90+ degree weather unless you are in it. I should probably take a swim break.

I am by myself all day long. My husband leaves to go to work at his store and he takes the dog with him. So now I am really alone.

I do call people during the day and I work in my office running WHW2N but it is just not the same as interacting with humans in person.

So, we finally took a vacation out of town and I unplugged.

It was healthy to look at different scenery and see people in person.

We were in a small town in Mexico and they had really been isolated from the virus. It felt great to have that freedom for a few days and see familiar faces in person.

We ate out and we walked around in small towns exploring. It felt great to have that small luxury and some new scenery beside the inside of my home and a grocery store.

Now I am back and grateful for the break and grateful for our health.