Hi ,

Just over a year ago I attended an event put on by a powerhouse motivational speaker. I was with ten of my like-minded women entrepreneurs and we all decided to purchase the VIP tickets and get the red carpet treatment including photo ops. We all sat in the front row and got some incredible swag. It was exciting! And did I say that lunch with this celebrity was included?? It was.

Next step was to attend the five day event in Scottsdale that they were promoting. Sign me up! Three of my girl-preneurs decided to take the leap and am I glad that we did. Even though I felt it was a long event I went ahead and registered. I met some incredible people and got some incredible tools to use in my business including visualization and LOA. LOA?? Law of Attraction. BTW It works.

As we went through many business building exercises, one thing I kept thinking while watching this person on stage was that “I am going to be up there side by side with this person”. Believe it and you’re halfway there. I am sure you are wondering who is this person?

Ever read The Success Principles? Or any of the Chicken Soup for The Soul books? It was Jack Canfield and he authored both of these billion dollar brands.

All of his books were on the New York Times Bestsellers list for months.

One thing Jack taught us at Break Through to Success retreat was to become an action taker. So I took action and I asked.

I asked Jack to host a Zoom call with me to discuss the Success Principles, The Pandemic & The Pivot.

And guess what happened? He said yes! (Happy Dance)

He is doing a Zoom presentation with me on:
Tuesday, August 25th at 5 pm PST / 7 pm CST.

It’s not center stage but it’s just as good!

Click here to register www.joinamyandjack.com and invite a friend.

So my advice to you is just ask.

Yours Truly,