Hi there,

Have you ever failed?? Failure is not a bad word.

I’ve learned from my mistakes and I became an expert by doing so.

When things don’t materialize as fast as we want them to or we run into challenges we need to look at them as opportunities.

At that time when you fail you are given an opportunity to learn, grow and make a new plan of action.

What is needed is a Plan B.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a Plan B.

I have always felt and thought that there is another way to do things or solve a problem. My siblings would probably say that I always had a way to get out of things and that I was spoiled. (I am the youngest!)

But the truth is that I just figured out another way to do something.

Remember: We can’t always do it alone.

We may need help from others to figure out our next step. We may need to ask for help and that is OK.

That is why I love and lead Mastermind meetings. In person and virtually.

HINT: Surround yourself with like-minded people and you will find solutions just by hanging around them and listening. It’s like playing tennis with a better tennis player. It will up your game.

So let’s up your game!

Join me sometime for a Mastermind or a Coffee Clique ®.

You’ll find all of the upcoming dates for our 2021 events on our Facebook page.

With much gratitude the week before Christmas!