Hi there,

First of all, give yourself grace.

When something doesn’t go your way and you’re already on edge, it’s easy to freak out with your work, family and friends. Especially this time of the year and top it off we are all trying to deal with the world wide health crisis. Isn’t that a nice cherry on top?? Not!

I find myself not in the holiday mood but seeing other people post pictures of their holiday decorating brings me joy and puts a smile on my face. It helps to take some of the stress of dealing with work and some of my everyday life.

Try pausing and disconnecting. Take a deep breath. This will help you manage better. Deep breathing has helped me.

Instead of reacting right away, take a few minutes to mindfully process the situation. That will help you keep a level head instead of adding to an insurmountable pileup of stress.

How about meditation? I use an app called Headspace where they actually teach you how to meditate. They have a meditation for everything!

Go for a walk and clear your head. Look at nature and appreciate your surroundings. It will help to regenerate you and relieve stress.

Hope that helps you through the effing holidays!

Yours Truly,