Are you OK to walk into a room by yourself? Not everyone is comfortable flying solo. I admit that I have called upon a friend to join me from time to time. It’s also fun to be with your bestie when you do something or go to an event.

Before I signed up for Jack Canfield’s retreat last summer I remember looking at some of my friends that were in the room for his presentation.

Some of us were headed to the back of the room. Not everyone of my besties were interested in taking the next step. But when I saw two of my girl-preneurs start to register I knew that I would also take the plunge.

Not that it was a plunge but it reinforced that I was making the right decision. And I wasn’t going alone.

Here is what my bestie Cindy Childress had to say about Jack.

“Jack Canfield is a personal transformation accelerator. At his Breakthrough to Success 5-Day event in Scottsdale, AZ, he helped me remember what I most want to do with my life so I could align my actions with my big WHY. I went with my friend, Amy Robinette, and it was amazing to check in with each other each day about what we were learning about ourselves. I came out able to finish a business project I’d been avoiding because I was afraid. After putting my idea off for 4 months, I completed it in 5 hours the day I got home from Jack’s event. That laser focus came from his teachings, and since then, I’ve used the techniques and tools he taught me to take more risks and follow my biggest dreams.”

Your bestie has your back. Ask your bestie to attend this event with you.

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