Rich people focus on opportunities, poor people focus on obstacles.

Boom! An amazing idea just bounced into your head.

For a brief moment, you allow yourself to bask in the possibility of your idea becoming a reality.

Could you really own 4 real estate investment properties in the next 5 years?

Could you really pursue your dream of traveling the world?

Could you really manifest 10 new clients in the next 30 days?

Of course you can…but you don’t.


Because you don’t believe you can.

Immediately, you begin to fill your mind with all of the excuses possible as to why your dreams aren’t feasible.

“My credit score is in the tank! I can’t possibly qualify for a home loan.”

“I can’t travel the world! I have kids at home and a spouse who wouldn’t be too happy if I up and left.”

“I can’t possibly manifest that many clients so quickly!”

Here’s the cold, hard truth.

None of those concerns matter if you have the will to make it work. That’s what separates rich-minded people from poor-minded people. Poor people lack confidence in themselves and their abilities and expect to fail, while rich people take personal responsibility for the results in their lives and assert, “It’s going to work because I’ll make it work.”

Let’s re-examine the common excuses, shall we?

Financial issues? Easily repairable. Create a payment plan today and begin to put money aside for savings; in the meantime, partner with another qualified investor who can put up the money while you do the work.

Have a family that’s holding you back from traveling? Bring them with you, the more the merrier!

Don’t believe that you can 10X your number of clients? Well, it’s been done before, hasn’t it? If somebody else can, so can you. You just have to figure out how.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

All in all, wealth is largely determined by your mindset around money and opportunities. Do you believe in yourself or do you run away from things that seem too out of reach? When doubt attempts to enter the doors of your mind, immediately deny its existence and affirm to yourself that you’re a rich-minded person, and you focus on opportunities, not obstacles.

Never say “I can’t”; always ask “How can I?”

Step out of your comfort zone.

The results in your life are a direct result of the state of your mind. Part of what it means to have a rich-mindset is to get in front of other people and share your mission.You have to be your own biggest fan first! Once you’re confident in who you are and what you have to offer, others will follow along in your footsteps.

Here’s what we’re about at WHW2N™:


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  • Growing and learning together

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Much love,

Amy Robinette 🙂