Years ago I found myself without a job and no money coming in. I was watching my bank account drain daily and I was feeling desperate.

I was so ashamed and could not tell anyone that I was drowning in debt. I would bring the bills in from the mailbox and leave them unopened on the table.

There were so many bills that I filled up two brown paper bags from the grocery store. Let me tell you that those bags hold a lot of bills!

I felt that if I didn’t open them, I didn’t have to pay them! I only wished that were true.

This feeling of drowning in debt would keep me up at night. I wasn’t sleeping well and I lived for dollar hamburger days at McDonald’s. That was a treat!

Luckily one day I turned on Oprah and there was someone on there explaining how to get out of debt. I felt that I could breathe again.

I did everything he said to do. I stopped getting my nails done. Yes, we can do our own nails. I called the cable company and did away with all the premium channels. Yes, we can live with basic cable. I was saving so much money by doing this. But not enough to pay my bills in full.

The next big step was dealing with the credit card companies. I learned a lot about restructuring debt and I also obtained a prepaid credit card to help build back my credit.

Within two years I paid off almost $50,000 of debt including my HOA that was past due. Did I mention that the HOA was going to take my home for past dues of $2,800? I could not let that happen.

I am telling you this because I figured out how to get out of debt. I am telling you this because you need to hear that other people have had hard times and there are blue skies ahead.

During this process I reached out to my network. Having a strong network is very important. That is how I found another job and turned everything around.

You are not alone during hard times. There are resources and people that want to help you and encourage you.

Yours Truly,