It’s EASY to do-but comparison is a thief.

Comparison is the thief of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Let’s talk about an opportunity for comparison. Years ago, I attended a dynamic conference surrounded by big dreamers, thinkers and doers! I was SO encouraged to be around visionaries and servant leaders. When I looked around, I started to feel small or even intimidated.

It can be tempting, in all aspects of life, to compare ourselves to others…but we must not. It’s a joy stealer and a trap of distraction. I’m fully convinced EACH one of us on this planet has a specific gift we are meant to bring to the world. It’s often through struggle and challenge that this gift is revealed! Don’t be afraid of hard things, the message is in the mess.

The more I stay focused on where I feel God is leading then I WILL hear that still, clear voice guiding me in the way I should go.

When you check your Facebook or Instagram feed, which updates made you feel envious? The comparison game is as old as humanity.

I avoid mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds as much as possible. Studies that show that time on social media feeds increases depression and envy. This motivates me to use social media purposefully, specifically choosing what I will look at and keep it to a minimum.

It’s great to run alongside others in the journey but it’s so important to run your own race and stay in your lane.

Today, make it a point to stand confident in your own rarity. 💎💜🙌🏼

You’ve got this,  AMY