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WHW2N is a community for women who want to network professionally and personally. We are a unique and refreshing community, and our goal is to support one another by connecting and interacting in a positive environment. WHW2N has an active members-only online community, members-only resources on the website, weekly/monthly events and trainings, projects and partnerships to help one another grow and prosper. We provide information and opportunities for women to grow through friendships and business relationships. The WHW2N community wants to bring out the best in you and surround you with like-minded business women who strive to be the best.

A message from the founder, Amy Robinette

I have always been a connector of people and businesses. It makes me so happy when I bring people together, and I see those relationships flourish and blossom. I truly believe that when you help others without ever expecting anything in return, you are sowing the seeds for a positive and abundant life. Ultimately the good you put out into the world always returns to you.

WHW2N is an evolving community that also constantly keeps teaching me too. It evolves based on members’ needs and input.

Our community is a collaborative effort and a real joy to plan and bring together.

We have brought ideas together from our experiences in business, other networking groups that we participated in, and then enhanced our community with what our members were asking for. We do not limit our community to “category exclusive” which I have never believed in. There is enough abundance for everyone!


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People do business with people they like and trust.

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That is achieved by building and nourishing relationships. Relationships are a big part of WHW2N. We want you to build fabulous, long lasting friendships in this community.

We want you to thrive, prosper, and pay it forward to others in our WHW2N as well as to your own local community. We want to build a solid and lasting foundation upon which you can build on both personally and professionally. Our philosophy is to help one another without ever expecting anything in return and to operate from a space of abundance. There is enough abundance for all of us, and when we work together (even if many of us are in the same industries and businesses) it will all come back to us in many amazing and unexpected ways.

We promote a balance of personal life and professional life. One cannot be truly successful and thrive without the other.

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We look forward to meeting you at local events and connecting with you online. Share our positive community with your friends. It starts with one person. When you spread the word, that is when the connections begin.

I am so happy to connect with you and grow with you!

Amy Robinette