About WHW2N

The exclusive community for business women who want to learn, grow, and connect.

Amy Robinette,
WHW2N Founder


I have always been a connector of people and businesses. It makes me so happy when I bring people together, and I see those relationships flourish and blossom. I truly believe that when you help others without ever expecting anything in return, you are sowing the seeds for a positive and abundant life. Ultimately the good you put out into the world always returns to you.

Our community is a collaborative effort and a real joy to plan and bring together.

We have brought ideas together from our experiences in business, other networking groups that we participated in, and then enhanced our community with what our members were asking for. We do not limit our community to “category exclusive” which I have never believed in. There is enough abundance for everyone!

3 Key Ingredients to WHWN2N


Safe Space

We offer safe space to let your guard down and that’s when you grow. We provide a safe community, both online and off, so that we can help you when you’re down and celebrate with you grow.


We offer education designed for business growth including monthly luncheons with great speakers, monthly Mastermind groups, annual Aim High event, Success Academy, and Head Shot Happy Hour.

Real Relationships

We have monthly luncheons to network and begin relationships. Intimate Coffee Cliques® to take your relationship to the next level. You can share small business challenges and members will help you brainstorm solutions and help you meet your goal.

Our Mission to Grow

We’re on a mission to share our new way of connecting with women around the world.

Our simple formula for success has taken hold and spread like wildfire across Texas.

Now, we’re spreading across the country.

With locations popping up in cities around the country, we’re likely to show up on your doorstep soon…if we’re not already there.

Don’t see a meeting in your local area?

Click here to find out more about opening your own chapter of Women Helping Women To Network.