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What is it that sets seemingly ‘SUPER-SUCCESSFUL’ people apart from those who never see success?


Successful business owners WIN because…

1. They implement QUICKLY


COUNTLESS times I’ve seen fellow entrepreneurs CRIPPLE their chances of ever getting their businesses off the ground let alone on the road to success. Why?

  • NO DEADLINES: There’s no time pressure driving them to launch their business and stay accountable to that end.
  • PERFECTIONISM KILLS: They let so much time go by that they start to second guess the finer details and become increasingly fearful of getting things wrong first time.


We like to teach the phrase ‘take massive, messy ACTION’ because it drives home the fact that you WON’T get it right the first time, and that’s ok!

2. They’re good at asking QUESTIONS

Successful entrepreneurs not only know what questions, they also know HOW to ask questions EFFICIENTLY. They take the time to identify the HEART of the problem they’re asking about even if they don’t yet know how to solve it.

The next time you feel stuck, instead of brain-dumping the entire situation on the person you’re turning to for help, WAIT. Sit tight a little longer until you feel yourself starting to grasp where the problem lies and, ONLY THEN, begin to ask.

Not only will this enable you to find the right question, but it’ll also help you ask it with PRECISION, and you’ll get unstuck MUCH FASTER.

Efficient questions encompass the full scope of the problem WITHOUT all the fluff. They also get LAZER-FOCUSSED answers leading to quick and effective solutions.

This is SO KEY to finding solutions quickly and keeping your business moving. You’ll also upskill your ability to diagnose future issues in the process.


3. They INVEST in themselves and their business

How much do you VALUE your ongoing learning? I’m not just talking about occasionally treating yourself to a $20 eBook, I mean REALLY investing in your training. I ask this because, often, the top 1% will be spending THOUSANDS on mentorship and for good reason.

Firstly, the financial commitment of that investment FORCES them to squeeze EVERY OUNCE of value out of it, leading to results MUCH FASTER. When things get expensive, you HAVE to make it COUNT!

Secondly, learning what others have taken YEARS to figure out saves you from having to do the same. Sadly, many business owners value their time FAR LESS than they ought to and this shows when they refuse to invest PROPERLY in their development and go it alone.

Hands-down, MONEY is a better investment resource than TIME because you always have the opportunity to make money back. Investing HEAVILY in your training means you skip the queue, learn from the best and accelerate your business to quicker and lasting success.

4. They stay POSITIVE

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about those who reach success, it’s that they have an ability to remain positive NO MATTER WHAT. This is a MASSIVE contributor to major breakthroughs in business.
Why? Because a person who interprets things positively stays AGILE and READY to learn. This DOESN’T mean they pretend everything is going well when it clearly isn’t. Instead, they identify a problem for what it is and see it as an OPPORTUNITY to learn.
I’ve seen it TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Business owners who easily revert to grumbling are almost IMPOSSIBLE to teach. Don’t be THAT person. We either succeed OR we learn and that’s the sort of mindset that keeps a business alive and on the path to success.
5. They OWN their results

Following on from staying positive, whether good or bad, the top entrepreneurs OWN their results. Sure, it’s stressful when things go south, but the hallmark of a successful business owner is someone who takes ownership over their mistakes in an effort to learn from them.

It’s too easy (LAZY even!) to play the ‘blame’ game and constantly doing so will suck the life out of a business’ chance to ever succeed. All because of an unwillingness to do the digging that’s required to truly diagnose where things are going wrong, learn from it and move on.


Notice how I’ve not said that any of these traits come NATURALLY or are in any way something successful business owners are BORN with. You can be someone who displays all of these traits if you are truly SERIOUS about pursuing the success you want!

Much love,
Amy Robinette
Women Helping Women 2 Network