Don’t you just love Audible?

A few years back I was driving back and forth to San Antonio to launch another chapter of WHW2N.  It was a almost a three hour drive and that’s when I started to listen to “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.
Remember him?  He also wrote the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” books.

Well, I fell in love with this book.  He presented so many good ideas to be successful in business including mediation and visualization.  He gave an example of imagining the amount of money that you want to make in a year.  Jack actually made a million dollar bill and taped it to the ceiling in his bedroom so he would see it every night before he went to sleep.  He also made that amount that year.  Very powerful.

A group of us from WHW2N went to see Jack when he came to Houston.  We purchased the VIP tickets and went there armed with our books to be signed.  We had upfront access to Jack and all of us were more than excited.  Jack also offered a retreat in Scottsdale and two of us decided to attend.  One of the best decisions of my life.  It was a week long retreat with more than just upfront access to Jack and all of his training for entrepreneurs.  It was a great week.

Jack has now aligned his brand with Young Living Essential Oils and is offering an exclusive virtual training starting in April for 30 days and I will be participating.  You will have weekly access the America’s #1 Business Success Coach.  

This event kicks off with a 2-hour Zoom call with Jack Canfield and Aroma Freedom Technique certified Master Trainer Trisha Jacobson!

Jack uses many tools in his Success Principles training and has been wanting to combine the amazing power of Essential Oils so that YOU can achieve SUCCESS much faster and more easily than ever before!

What to expect:

👉 Private Facebook Group

👉 Workbook PDF Action Guide

👉 Two 2-hour Private Group Q & A sharing time/coaching with Jack Canfield

👉 Aroma Freedom Technique Integration with Trisha Jacobson

👉 Vision Board Creation Party with Kathryn Trestain

👉 Weekly Wednesday Evening Success Principal Zoom calls with Certified Master Trainers Jack Canfield, Kathleen Seeley, Natalie Alexia, and Trina Ann Sette

👉 Round Table Hot Seat with Best Selling author and Master trainer Patty Aubrey, and Master of Success Principles

👉 Daily Facebook lives with Certified Success Principle Trainers and Oil     Education Experts

👉 Fabulous “Come as You will be in 5 Years” Gala event with fabulous giveaways and prizes on our final evening, Friday, May 28th!


This is a great opportunity.  If you would like to attend please reach out to me at for more details.