Women Helping Women 2 Network is the largest and fastest growing women’s networking organization in Texas!

We want to help you thrive, flourish, and connect with other entrepreneurial women.

Our website membership and platform is a place for women to meet, network, share ideas, thrive, help one another with referral business, team up for events and projects, and to learn from one another.  We have Masterminds and Coffee Cliques® where we gather to discuss your business and your challenges.

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Friday, May 31, 2019 – Monday, June 3, 2019

WHW2N Founder


I have always been a connector of people and businesses. It makes me so happy when I bring people together, and I see those relationships flourish and blossom. I truly believe that when you help others without ever expecting anything in return, you are sowing the seeds for a positive and abundant life. Ultimately the good you put out into the world always returns to you a thousandfold.


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The WHW2N community brings out the best in you and surround you with like-minded business women who strive to be the best. Benefits include  a very active online community, member only resources, vendor opportunities, and many more benefits. Join now and start attending area luncheons that feature informative speakers, meet ups, masterminds, training, and more!


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We welcome members from every type of business. There is room for everyone that wants to build their business through building relationships. We have new chapters starting up each month. There is enough abundance for each of us and we all can be successful by working together.

Looking for someone? Search our large member database to find just the right member.

Expert Affiliates

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Are you looking to up your game and enhance your business skills?  Women Helping Women 2 Network is giving you access to some of our expert members and their training programs.  Click on these links and learn more about what these dynamic women offer to help you fast forward your business.

As a member, you unlock all the benefits of WHW2N:

  • Weekly newsletter with all our latest events and member news so you don’t miss out
  • UNLIMITED Coffee Clique® attendance to build deeper relationships with our members in a small group setting
  • UNLIMITED Luncheons to hear powerful speakers and meet a room full of business women
  • UNLIMITED Evening Events to end your day with inspiration and new connections to grow your dreams
  • Monthly Mastermind for Business Owners to be accountable to your goals and get help from smart business women
  • Vendor Opportunities to increase awareness and drive sales
  • Member Spotlights and Highlights in the Newsletter to get exposure for your business
  • Head Shot Happy Hour to keep all the eyes on your best face forward
  • Annual Aim High Speed Networking Event to learn business building skills and meet a roomful of women in growth mode
  • Speaking Opportunities to share your knowledge and drive awareness and leads to your business
  • Leadership Opportunities to showcase your leadership, organization, communication skills, and help us build the best networking group possible
  • Business Book Club to learn together and share your ideas to foster relationships

What our members are saying…

  • This group is phenomenal!!! I am all about helping others and supporting people. Now, before I look for random people who sell offer a product or service I need, I always try to find someone on this page first.

    Jeniffer Martinez
  • Enjoyed the lunches I have attended, and have also met some fantastic ladies. Looking forward to our evening meet ups, building and growing relationships!

    Beatrice Stair
  • Really like the activity here! Supportive. Asking & answering questions. Planning get together s (formal & informal). Love it! 

    Christina Riley Meade
  • I've only been on the site a couple of weeks and am very impressed. Already met two of the ladies in person and plan on attending some events very soon. Refreshing to see women so supportive of one another. Thanks for organizing!

    Pat Boland
  • I love how we are networking and helping each other out. I have only lived in Houston for 3 months and have already met some wonderful ladies here! This is not only great for business but for friendships as well.

    Griselle Diaz
  • My business has benefited more from this group than any other networking group where I have been a member. These ladies are all so extremely helpful and jump right in to help you!

    Carol Mikel

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide resources, tools, education, information, and training. We furnish guest speakers for luncheons, events, and workshops that will help you with branding, websites, blogging, and social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more.

We also offer events focused on overall health and well-being for women, how to balance business, career, and family.

An important component of our philosophy is emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.  All the accomplishments in the world cannot fulfill you if you are not operating from a space of love and compassion and being your authentic self.

Take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a member!

WHW2N is a community for women who want to network professionally and personally. We are a unique and refreshing community, and our goal is to support one another by connecting and interacting in a positive environment.

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