Women Helping Women 2 Network”  is a platform created so female entrepreneurs can connect with one another, network, succeed, and thrive in a business world that oftentimes encourages the growth and success of men more than women.

I want  to help you thrive, flourish, and have a bunch of fun while doing it! Our website membership and platform is a place for women to meet, network, share ideas, thrive, help one another with referral business, team up for events and projects, and to learn from one another.  We have Masterminds and Coffee Cliques where we gather to discuss your business and your challenges.   

This is a place for you to meet other like-minded business women, to be supported, and to also to find resources to grow your business. Many of you are already a part of the Facebook community and have seen the power that this wonderful community has generated when we all work together.  The concept is being developed to encompass an even broader scope to bring you many more benefits.

My mission is to provide even more resources, tools, education, information, and training. Guest speakers are already scheduled to speak at luncheons, events, and workshops that will help you with branding, websites, blogging, and social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more. We will also offer events focused on overall health and well-being for women, how to balance business, career, and family.

Another important component of our philosophy is emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.  All the accomplishments in the world cannot fulfill you if you are not operating from a space of love and compassion and being your authentic self. Here is a sneak peek of some incredible benefits available to you as a member of this website and community:


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